INVIGORATE HEALTH is a multi-faceted medical spa in Mount Juliet, TN that offers the very latest in cutting-edge technology to address a myriad of health concerns at our beautiful, state-of-the-art facility just minutes from Nashville. With dozens of available procedures, ranging from a simple IV Hydration to sexual enhancement procedures, we’re sure to find the best treatment options to help you be the best version of yourself. Whether you have concerns about sexual performance and are interested in treatments to boost your sex life or are looking for some help shedding a few more pounds, we have the knowledge and skill to address your individual needs.

Here a just a few of the treatments we have to offer to help you live your best life:

Love better: For men, perhaps you’re suffering from erectile dysfunction and could benefit from the INVIGORWave Shockwave Therapy. Or for ladies, maybe you’re considering the vaginal retightening.

Live better: Get rid of stubborn fat and change that lifestyle for the better with our medically supervised weight loss programs. We help you design a plan that works for you and help you reach your goals!

Feel better: If you suffer from dehydration and can’t seem to drink as much water as needed or if you over indulged the night before, an IV Hydration session will be able to get you feeling like you’re in tip top shape!

INVIGORATE HEALTH is located just off I-40 at 3578 N. Mount Juliet Road, Mount Juliet, TN. We encourage you to call us today at (615) 288-4777 to book your appointment. We look forward to hearing from you!

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