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Fast Vitamin

Get an instant boost of energy and essential nutrients with our FastVitamin IV. Quick and efficient process ensures you receive the vitamins and minerals leaving you feeling revitalized and refreshed.</p>

Get an instant boost of energy and essential nutrients with our FastVitamin IV. Quick and efficient process ensures you receive the vitamins and minerals leaving you feeling revitalized and refreshed.

what it treats

Nutrient deficiency


Weakened immune system

Decrease of energy

Procedure time

Between 1-2 hours


Male and Female 16 years or older (under 18 will require parental consent)

recovery & downtime


I have lived with chronic pain for years. I’ve gone to other pain management offices that have offered nothing, and I felt like asking for what I needed or telling them how bad I was hurting was a bad thing. I’ve spent my last year in pain management in pain. Invigorate Health saw me three times, gave me options, listened to me, and actually helped. I’m standing here right now in no pain. Thank you Invigorate Health and your wonderful staff for your fantastic service. – Timothy S.
“Being 85 years young, I expect not to be as healthy as I once was. After 6 months of continuous Ozone Therapy, I was able to toss my hearing aids! It didn’t happen overnight, since our health issues don’t crop up overnight, it would make sense that it’s going to take time to be completely eliminated, but I am proof it will!” -  Ron W.
“As an avid mountain biker, I picked up a tick and contracted Lyme disease three years ago. After years trying “everything” to help, I found an answer in the High Dose Ozone & UBI Therapy at Invigorate Health and commute almost two hours each way to Invigorate Health’s office. The therapy itself is also a lengthy process, but the time I am investing to heal from what this disease has done, has been worth it, giving me a quality of life back that Lyme took away. Ozone has helped me so much, I have been able to go back to mountain biking, and other activities I enjoyed doing pre-Lyme Disease” - Randy T
“I was the victim of a serious accident that necessitated brain surgery and left me with crippling seizures 5-7 times every day.  To say that my quality of life was severely degraded, is a huge understatement. To make a long story short, all of my health and disability issues I suffered due to the accident began to recede after just 2 sessions of the High Dose Ozone& UBI Therapy. ” -  Jeremy G.
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How does IV Therapy work?

IV Therapy bypasses certain absorption barriers, like your stomach's digestive system, to go directly into your bloodstream for fast, efficient delivery. Which IV nutrition formula you choose should be based on your symptoms and desired results.

Is IV Therapy safe?

Yes, IV Therapy is safe and effective as long as you visit a reputable, experienced provider, such as Invigorate Health.

How often should I get an IV Therapy treatment?

How often you receive IV Therapy depends on your symptoms and desired results. You can create a schedule with Invigorate Health that works best for you.

Is the IV Therapy treatment painful?

The treatment is not painful. We use a small needle that causes only minor, brief discomfort upon insertion.

Best For

●  Nutrient deficiency
●  Fatigue
●  Weakened immune system
●  Decrease of energy

Pre-Treatment Guidelines

It's important to follow all instructions from your consultation before your appointment for an IV treatment in Mount Juliet, Franklin, or Nashville.

We will review your personal health concerns and explain detailed preparation instructions during your initial consultation. Be sure to review any instructions before your appointment. For easy arm access and comfort, please wear appropriate clothing.

Post-Treatment Guidelines

To get the most from your Fast Vitamin IV in Mount Juliet, Franklin, or Nashville, we recommend taking the following steps:

●  Keep your arm elevated and apply an ice pack if bruising or swelling occurs at the injection site.

●  Drink 1 to 2 16 oz. glasses of water after treatment.

●  Allow your body to rest if you feel tired.

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